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Fecha de publicación 22.04.2024

Logistics Manager (Spanish speaker, Internship) W/M/D

Your mission as a Logistics Manager at Singulart is to organize and manage the shipping of artworks from our artists to customers around the world. You will anticipate our clients' needs, offer exceptional customer service and build strong relationships with our artists as you solve logistical issues that arise along the way.

We are looking for new joiner starting beginning of June for a 6-month internship!

Your responsibilities
    • Managing artwork shipments from artists to clients
    • Ensuring artist happiness on the platform as you guide them through the shipping process
    • Identifying the best shipping partner and preparing the appropriate export documents
    • Liaising between artists, couriers and brokers in order to assure a smooth delivery
    • Finding appropriate solutions for artworks that are lost, damaged, or stuck in customs and other exceptional circumstances.
    • Collaborating with framers, art restorators, packaging and shipping companies all over the world

What we are looking for
    • Native or full fluency in Spanish and English
    • You have at least a first experience in international logistic management
    • Must be able to multitask, be highly organized and comfortable working with strict deadlines
    • Able to communicate in a friendly and professional manner - by email as well as over the phone
    • Identify customer needs and go beyond what is expected to ensure client happiness
    • At ease with computers
    • You have a strong interest in Art and Interior Design

The recruitment process
    • Interview with Logistics employee (30-45 min)
    • Case study
    • Interview with the Head of Logistics (15 min)

Why us?
    • Our Mission: We are a team of enthusiasts who want every person to have an artful life. We want to put art where it belongs, in every home.
    • Location : Our office is located in Le Marais. You will work in the heart of Paris and easily access everything.
    • Diversity: 24 nationalities among 75 people. We celebrate it all year round with specific events dedicated to all the different cultures
    • And Parity: 55% of our employees are women! We also try to be more inclusive in our Tech Team by creating partnerships with 50inTech! For Women's Rights Day, we dedicated an entire week to the subject with conferences and debates. And will believe we can bring this Parity on Art too !
    • Remote Policy: We value your work life balance and therefore created an official charter. We propose 2 days remote and 3 days per week at the office after 3 months in the company.
    • Come as you are: We are not all Nirvana fans but we definitely believe that it's through difference that we can grow so let's start by being YOU!
    • Boost your career: In a startup environment things change so fast and everyone can propose initiatives and has the possibility of evolving rapidly.
    • Wellbeing at Work: Your wellbeing counts! We propose a Gymlib program, fresh fruits twice a week, webinars on how to handle remote working or the mental workload or even piqueniques when the sun is shining!
    • Discover art with us: We provide different training on art throughout the year. We organize each year the visit of a specific museum: Fondation Cartier in 2019, Fondation Société Générale in 2020 and La Bourse du Commerce for 2021, Art Deco Museum for 2022 and Beaubourg for 2023 !

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